Wedding Album

Opening illustration in the original "Our Love Story" album.

I absolutely loved all our wedding photos (thanks Annemarie Gruden) and since there's only so many frames you can hang in a home, I wanted to make a nice coffee table book. I did something similar with all our favourite moments together for Stéphane's wedding day gift, so I thought it'd be nice to finish it as a first year anniversary book (paper!) I didn't quite make that deadline, but am so happy with the outcome. Someday when Callum is older, I hope these can live on our living room table where he can flip through pictures.

Final illustration for our album

The original book "The Love Story of Kasia & Stéphane" started with an illustration I'd drawn of the two of us hanging out. I thought it'd be neat to make this a tradition in all the books, slowly creating a series ofus as a family: Starting with young us on the couch, then getting married, and future editions would include Obi and our kids.

This cartoon was supposed to be quick like the previous version, but since I was home with a newborn during lockdowns, I had WAY too much time and got completely sucked in. 19 hours later and I was in love with the result, but feel I need to print a larger version than initially intended!

I ordered our album through Blurb and paid a bit extra for their "lay flat" option. For anyone looking to cherish high resolution photos over and over, I really recommend it. Since I ordered the 12" square book, full spread photos are a gorgeous 2 square feet, letting you really soak in all the detail.

As usual, I'm later starting than originally anticipated, but I'm looking forward to putting together a book with all our favourite moments with Callum.